2016 Induction Days

After many months of preparation and anxiety, around 20 students from the 2016-2018 Crossways cohort got together in Scotland to being their new academic journey! It was also the time to celebrate our 2014-2016 students’ graduation: congrats, you made it! 🙂

xways-induction-daysThe Induction Days are organized every year by the Crossways academic council to present the programme to incoming students. This year, the ceremony was hosted by the University of St Andrews between the 5th and 6th of September.

During the Induction Days, the newly-chosen cohort has the opportunity to meet their future professors and colleagues. Students take part in several talks regarding course philosophy and structure; they are able to ask questions about their research plans, internship possibilities and scholarship issues, for example.

The academic council also gets together to discuss new partnership possibilities, research paths and administrative matters. While coordinators attend these separate meetings, students are then invited to elect their representatives for the cohort and for the Erasmus Mundus Association.

The event is also an opportunity for graduating students to present their dissertations and share their experiences. This year, themes ranged from jewish heritage to iberoamerican visual culture; myths from the sea to photomontages. Their inspirational talks were then followed by a lovely diploma ceremony and a gala dinner!


Thank you once again to University of St Andrews for this amazing kick-off! We wish our graduates the best of luck for the future and hope to meet all of you very soon! 🙂


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